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Walk the Lord's Path in 1998

Make a resolution to study God's word. We'll help.

Star of Wonder

“…following yonder star.”

It’s Later Than You Think

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Prayers by the Wagon Load

Remember, God blesses others through us.

Moses: An Overworked Servant-Leader

A portrait of Moses…or me?

Mom, Me & Calvary

“This is going to hurt Me more…”

Letter from the Front Lines

Are you under authority?

Izuba Talibbili!

Botiyasi lived like Jesus.

Take God at His Word

A refreshing look at giving and receiving God’s blessings.

Monsters Under the Bed

Get out from under the covers!

Our Armor Must be Worn

Be strong! Put on! Take up! Stand firm!


Use up each day. Begin now.

It’s Not What Happens To You…

It’s how you handle it!

Drew Taylor, USMC

Live until you die.

They Smell Like Sheep

How do you tell a good shepherd?

Leadership in “The Jesus Style”

How would he lead? By serving.

Five Years From Now

Make sure it matters.

Good Luck

Do you believe in luck?

Night Lights Shine the Brightest

Nobody likes to stubb their toe.

Our Mediator

Once we were alienated, but now we are reconciled.

Wake-up Call!

Wake up, o sleeper!

‘Round in Circles

Let the caged bird go free.

Where is God?

Nearer than you think.

For Your Eyes Only

Pornography harmless, eh? Think again.

The Strength of Weakness

This way, there’s never a question of who gets the glory.