Special Features 1996 Archives

What We Need is a Miracle

Make a miracle happen!

The Quarter of Remembrance

Remember the good—and the bad—together this holiday season.

Take it to the Specialist

Put yourself in the hands of an expert.

A Cross on the Hill

Jesus gave his all…what will you give?

Preparing for the Holidays: A Message for Those Who Grieve

This time of the year can be so difficult. Here’s some advice from someone who has been there.

Megan Cope

On the second anniversary of her death.

The Truth About Prayer—In Short

Get a fresh perspective on prayer.

God Can See Us Through!

A Heartlight reader shares her story. Plus a great poem from another reader.

A Father’s Eyes

Learn to see how our heavenly Father sees.

The Power of Promises

God is a promise keeper.

Miz Roof

Some folks serve quietly. But they still serve.


We have to make choices, but how do we make the right choices.

Through Him Who Strengthens Me: Caring for the Ill at Home

Valuable insights for those facing a difficult task.

Only One Thing

Only one thing matters in this world…only one thing.

Rebuilding our Families

How do we put our families back together when the world wants to tear them apart?

The Walls That Surround Us

Mother, do you think they’re high enough?

Life Without Grace?

Two responses to shame…grace is the difference.

Married but Single

Learn what you can do to avoid this tragedy.

Teach Me, LORD, To Wait

How we wait tells a lot about us.

When is Anger Appropriate?

What is the Christian position on anger?

Motel 6

Take the time to read this wonderful short story.

Patch, Patch!

An excerpt from a new book on caring for aging parents.

What Can I Say?

Indispensible advice on helping the bereaved.

Letting Go

Actually, God does the real work.

Look Who Made the List

Lessons from the up and down life of Pete Rose.