Diary of God 1995 Archives

Called by God

And Moses answered.

Trusting in God’s Presence

God provides in surprising ways.

Testing Man’s Integrity

Job passes the test.

Wrestling with God

Thank goodness he doesn’t want to defeat us.

The Transforming Power

Our God is in the transformation business.

Man’s Schemes, God’s Wisdom

He still works his plan.

The Pain of Death

Abraham and Sara pass on.

Tested by Crisis

Abraham offers his obedience in faith.

Face to Face with God

The created reasons with the Creator.

God Loves to Provide

God takes care of Abraham and Sarah.

Becoming Abraham’s God

Abraham receives a powerful promise.

Looking for a Friend

The rebuilding process begins.

The Birth of Misunderstanding

Man gets taken down a notch.

Starting Over with Promise

God's promise stands forever.

The World Starts Over

God regrets making Man, and decides to do something about it.

Experiencing the Pain of Death

Adam and Eve face the ultimate death, separation from God.

Facing Consequences

Out in the big wide world.

God Creates the Human Family

It’s not good to be alone.

Creation Receives a Soul

God spoke and made it so.