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Someone for All of Us

A Glimpse into the Future

What does it hold for us? And who holds the future?

Build Up Your Own Student

What expectations do we have for our kids? How can we help them?

The Lord is Near

Nothing can separate us from his love.

God at Work

And he's a hard worker

Taking It In Stride

The inspiring story of Brett Butler

The Happiness Test

No, it's not for a grade!

Her Name is Katrina

It’s time to get real about teen pregnancy.

Jesus’ Cross

It’s all you really need.

Left Out in the Loss

Coping with the stress of job loss.

Keep That Personal Touch

Is there such a thing as being too wired?


Mama Lou Smiddy was a model of service at any age.

Toxic Work

God’s love helps fight the stress of work.

Back on Track

Turn it around!

Motherly Guidance

A little wisdom goes a long way.

Emotion Over Mind

Are emotions ruling your life?

Let Christ Rebuild Your Broken Life

The tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing, the tragedies in your life: how do you respond?

Not in Our Cure

Where’s the true miracle?

Fulfilling Fatherhood

Challenging, yes. Rewarding, YES.

My Testimony: God's Grace and Kindness

Randy shares his personal story.

To Be Like Jesus

Let us strip off everything that hinders us.

The Approachable Physician of Our Souls

The Doctor is in.

A Healthy Self-esteem, God’s Way

Let him build you up.

Pilgrimage Toward God

Move in his direction.

Will You Teach Them to Pray?

Give your children a vital skill.