I run at an indoor facility during the winter. The track is clearly labeled for one direction around the concourse. This is to prevent injuries, and so everyone is able to move together and get in their mileage. There are signs clearly labeling the correct direction… and almost every day there is one or more people going the wrong way.

Some clearly are unaware. They did not see the sign or misread the sign. Others go the wrong way as a shortcut to another area of the facility. Going the wrong way is quicker and easier than having to go all the way around the track. And, of course, there are those that just feel like the rules do not apply to them. They will run the direction they choose, and everyone can just watch out.

It is exactly how some people view God’s directions for living a life of purpose and hope. The word of God, the Bible, is very clear in explaining a lifestyle that enables us to live a spiritually and emotionally happy life. It is also a way that ensures we can all live in harmony together. Yet, many people choose to live life differently.

Some may not know the directions. They do not even know there is a way to live that makes sense in this world. Those of us who have learned a better way can help them. We can point out the clear directions, model the different life, and even invite them to do life with us.

Then there are those who know the directions but desire the easy way. In fact, Jesus acknowledges some people will choose the path of least resistance. He even said that the road to heaven is hard and narrow while the road to destruction is wide and easy. You can read his exact words in one of his talks recorded in the book of Matthew, Chapter 7. We point to a harder road, but one that will end in life with God forever.

Maybe our job is to point people in the right direction.
And then there are those who think their way is better. They choose to live life the way they think is best. It is a story as old as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And, of course, life just does not cooperate with our plans. Christians invite those people to investigate a different lifestyle, one that has proven to be successful.

I can help point you to the life of joy and hope that God offers through his son Jesus. Write to me at steve@hopeforlife.org or visit our HopeForLife.org website.

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