This is a question I have often been asked by people thinking about becoming a Christian. I am never sure why they ask it. Is it because they do not want to be locked into a weekly commitment? Have they had negative experiences in their past that make them not want to go ever again? Maybe they want to be sure they are still in charge of their life and time. Perhaps they like to play golf on Sunday or spend the day in their pajamas. Or maybe it is a careful way to ask just how much is expected of them if they decide to follow Jesus.

But sometimes Christians have not been fair in answering the question. They may say it is something to discuss after you become a Christian. Or they may try to avoid having to give a straight answer. They may even feel guilty because they have issues with going to church themselves. Maybe it is just that they do not want to give an answer that may cause someone to say no to Jesus.

So if you are wondering if you have to go to church when you become a Christian, let me answer the question clearly. Yes. Of course you do. For one thing, when you become a Christian you are added to the church. As a result, you are expected to meet with other Christians. We do this so we can share a meal called the Lord’s Supper and proclaim to the world our unity and our belief that Jesus died, rose from the dead, and will return for us someday. We do it so we can be inspired and motivated to love God, to love our neighbor, and to do good in this world. We meet because we need each other. We go to church because if we do not, it becomes much easier for Satan to pick us off while separated from each other.

Following Jesus is a call to a lifestyle, not just a series of things you have to do. I would enjoy just visiting with you about what that might mean for you. Or it may be that you are a Christian reading this who has stopped going to church. I would like to talk about it with you.

Not only should I go to church, but I need to go to church.
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