Statistics, surveys, and polls are fascinating things to study. I recently came across some results that I found very interesting. People that are married are often happier than single people. Now, I do not know how they defined happiness, or if the spouses could hear the answer, but as someone who believes strongly in marriage, I was glad to see that. I also saw where married people live longer. So I guess they better be happy. Then I saw some statistics indicating that people who went to church had a much lower divorce rate that those who did not attend church.

So… if you want to be happy and live longer then become a Christian so you can go to church and stay married.

Of course, you have to assume that the stats, polls, or surveys are all accurate. They may be. Or they may not be. But even more to the point, becoming a Christian is not about what makes you happy or helps you live longer. It is not even about helping your marriage. Being a Christian is about restoring your relationship with God. That is why Jesus came to earth. He came to be a way back to God. Being a Christian is about how much God loves you. It is about God and Jesus wanting you to live in relationship with them forever.

As a Christian, you may not always be healthy. Christians get sick because we live in a fallen and corrupted world. Jesus even said we would have trouble in this world. He also said he had overcome this world. You may not live a long time on this earth even if you are a Christian. If you are a Christian, this world is not your real home. Realize the life that God invites you into is for eternity, and not just for the little while you are here.

Be healthy, be happy, or live forever. Choose life.
So while I do believe that following Jesus will help your marriage, and a good marriage may very well help you be happier and live longer, that is not the reason to become a Christian. Become a Christian because God loves you and his Son died on the cross to give you a way to be with God forever. I would be honored to discuss this more with you. Write me at Or visit our website at