"Don't come to church!" That is not something you will usually hear a minister say, but sometimes it is true. I recently heard someone talking about the troubles currently in their life and they mentioned that maybe going to church would help. I am not sure it would. They are looking for a "magic bullet" to make life better. That is not the purpose of church. Attending worship services and being involved in a church are outcomes of a decision to follow Jesus.

Jesus is the answer to the struggles of life. He is the one that heals, restores, forgives, and gives meaning to life. He is where hope is found. He is the way to God. He is the truth. He is life. When you turn your life and heart to Jesus, then church makes sense. Church is one of the outcomes of following Jesus. It is a gathering of family members united by faith in the Son of God. It is where the community of believers gathers to praise the God who loves them.

To hope going to church will help you is getting the cart before the horse. Jesus is the first decision you must make. Maybe that is why so many people misunderstand church. Church is not the answer. It cannot save you. It is a fellowship, a community, a gathering, a family ... of those who have been saved by Jesus.

So if you are expecting church to be the answer to your problems, don’t come. You will be disappointed. But if you are looking for some good news in your life ... let me tell you about Jesus. He is the answer. Then, and only then, will church make sense. So write me at steve@hopeforlife.org. Or join our blog discussion at www.hopeforlife.org.

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