I was checking in at London Heathrow airport for a trip back to the States when the most amazing thing happened. The ticket agent told me that they had overbooked the flight and would I take a complimentary upgrade to Business class. My first reaction was to look for the hidden camera. I was sure it was a prank. But it was real. I flew across the ocean in Business class. I never dreamed anything could be that nice.

I had seen glimpses of that section of the plane before, and I had heard stories about what it was like. But I had no idea. I could stretch my legs out. I could recline my seat in four different configurations. Flight attendants kept bringing me drinks and snacks. The meal was like something I would expect at a nice restaurant. I never even waited in line to use the restroom. I just never imagined.

That is exactly what it is like to live in Jesus. Our world is full of those who cannot imagine a life full of joy and peace. They have no idea concerning the hope within each of the followers of Jesus. They only dream of a life of purpose, glory, and immortality. So I am reminded not to take this life for granted. I am so thankful for abundant life now. I am even more thankful for the life to come.

I doubt I will ever fly in Business class again. I cannot pay the price for that ticket, and it may never be given to me again. And I certainly cannot provide that service for my fellow airplane travelers. But I can help others know the life they only imagine. The ticket for that life has been paid for ... they just need someone to tell them the good news.

If you are reading this, and have wondered about the life fully given to Jesus, it is better than you have ever dreamed. There is a life of joy, peace, purpose, and hope available to you. I can help you find it. Write me at steve@heraldoftruth.org. Or join our discussion blog on HopeForLife.org.

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