Promotion Sunday is an annual tradition in most of our congregations, usually taking place in the fall but occasionally at another time of the year. Somewhere around middle school you don't get promoted anymore, you just go to your age appropriate Sunday morning Bible class.

At the Southern Hills church of Christ I have the honor to teach the "Primetimers" class, those 65 and older. There is an often repeated joke that "when you get promoted out of Brant's class, you go to heaven." I laughed because it's funny and lately for a number of our class members it's become true.

With the recent passing of a dear sweet member of our class, I began to think what her "promotion to heaven" was like. I envisioned her being met by her husband of 62 years and an embrace that had waited four years. Then hand in hand they began to walk down those transparent streets of gold as he introduced her to friends, for by now he knew everyone. He showed her all of the glories of the City Four Square, because by now he knew where everything was.

And then he took her to the throne room where the awe in awesome was impossible to describe what she saw, felt and heard. There in the center was the great God Almighty and Jesus, her Savior, at His right. As she was drawn closer the promise of  Revelation 22:4 was hers, for she saw His face. In a whisper that reverberated throughout heaven, He said, "My child, welcome home."

Someday we all hope to get promoted to heaven where we will see His face and hear the Hosanna of Joy and Welcome.

Being promoted to heaven begins here on earth in our present lives and at times it seems impossible for us to even hope that we are worthy to go there. I know some friends who thought the same way and now are eagerly awaiting promotion day. If you're not eagerly awaiting that day, let's talk. My email is or join our blog discussion at

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