I love first impressions. It's the only chance you get to show off the person you wish you really were. For that one moment in time you can be any type of person you wish. If you want to be a generous person, you've got one chance to prove it. If you want to be intelligent, you've got one chance to show it. Once the first impression has passed, people will begin to form a perspective of you based on what they see of your life. They will factor in every little piece of information that they learn. So while the first impression may imply one thing, your life may imply something entirely different.

The problem with a first impression is that it's hard to erase. This is not a problem if you are lucky enough to have a good first impression. What about when it doesn't go like you want? Or, what happens when the person you were when you made your first impression is no longer who you are today?

As I have grown, I have made many changes in my life. The greatest of which was the decision to become a Christian. I made the decision that every Christian must make; I chose to live my life for God and to turn away from my old lifestyle.

The challenge with changing your life is that too many people already know you as part of your old life. The first impressions of Skye the non-Christian were firmly grounded in the minds of everyone I knew. Even though my actions and words suggested I was a different person, my first impression was too strong to erase.

Jesus faced a similar struggle when he attempted to teach and heal the sick in his hometown. Many of the people in his hometown had already made their first impression of Jesus. They knew him as the "carpenter's son" and the "son of Mary." They knew his wisdom from the time he was a child, but now Jesus had revealed himself as the Son of God. Because they could not understand his new lifestyle, they were confused and took offense at him. Jesus himself said to his disciples:

"Only in his home town, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor."
Mark 6:4

Jesus understands what it feels like when people will not accept the reality of a changed life. Everyday that we choose to live for God the world will struggle to understand our personal change, but we must make new first impressions and try to change the old ones. If you would like to share your story of change or listen to the story of others who have changed their lives, please visit www.hopeforlife.org or contact me at skye@hopeforlife.org.

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