Dr. Barry Black is chaplain for the U.S. Senate

As a sign of unity, we are asking people to pray the Prayer for the Nation at noon on May 6, wherever they are. Some will be at a public prayer observance at that time, while others will be sitting in front of their desks at work. Regardless of his or her location, it is important that His people, who are called by His name, seek Him in unity. If people participate in this form of corporate prayer, it will be like a wave of prayer flowing across our country.

Let no shadows obscure the pathways which we should tread.
Gracious God,You have been good to us beyond our deserving, making our Nation a land of liberty. Help us to protect our freedoms with diligence and integrity.Lord, bless our military as it advances freedom’s cause around the world. Bless also the institutions of power and influence in our society – the government, the churches, the media, the schools and the families. May each bring glory to Your name.Forgive us when we stray from right paths. We place our trust in You, O Lord, believing that Your hand will sustain America. Let no shadows obscure the pathways which we should tread.We pray in Your holy name. Amen.