What Jesus Did! 'Never say' — Matthew 26:31-35

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jesus told the followers, "Tonight you will lose your faith because of me. It is written {in the Scriptures }: 'I will kill the shepherd, and the sheep will run away.' But {after I die}, I will rise from death. Then I will go into Galilee. I will be there before you go there." Peter answered, "All the other followers may lose their faith because of you. But I will never lose my faith." Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth. Tonight you will say you don't know me. You will say this three times before the rooster crows." But Peter answered, "I will never say that I don't know you! I will even die with you!" And all the other followers said the same thing.
— Matthew 26:31-35 NLT
Illustration of Matthew 26:31-35 NLT — "I will never say that I don't know you! I will even die with you!"

Key Thought

Confessing Jesus as Lord and pledging our allegiance to him is not difficult when we are around church people in church settings doing church things. But loyalty is a little more difficult to come by when the world around you is antagonistic and hostile. Our intentions and commitments may be clothed in valor, but in the face of cruel opposition, commitment of any kind may be hard to find. Such is the way of fickle humans. Such is the way sometimes, I am ashamed to admit, for me.
Just as Jesus had warned, Peter's resolve melts under pressure, hostility, and misunderstanding. Would mine? When the true test comes, Peter denies him, Judas betrays him, and all the other apostles forsake him and run away in fear. Would I do the same?

Today's Prayer

Holy God, I don't want to be a Judas or a Peter and abandon Jesus under pressure. I need your help, Father, to be the person you want me to be. Please empower me to be bold in declaring my faith in Jesus and my allegiance to you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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