What Jesus Did! 'They Praised God' — Matthew 15:29-31

Monday, July 26, 2021

Jesus returned to the Sea of Galilee and climbed a hill and sat down. A vast crowd brought to him people who were lame, blind, crippled, those who couldn't speak, and many others. They laid them before Jesus, and he healed them all. The crowd was amazed! Those who hadn't been able to speak were talking, the crippled were made well, the lame were walking, and the blind could see again! And they praised the God of Israel.
— Matthew 15:29-31 NLT

Key Thought

Jesus' purpose during his ministry is to bring glory to God. He does this in his teachings and his training of the disciples and in the way he blesses God's children. He embodies God's compassion for the lost and broken as he ministers to their needs, as we see in today's verses. He wants to bless them and have them in turn bless the Father in heaven. What would happen if we saw this as OUR purpose? In fact, isn't that exactly what Jesus said were the most important things in God's law for us to fulfill (Matthew 22:36-39)? When he teaches on worship, isn't that his point as well (Matthew 5:23-24)? We are to love God and love our fellow human beings. We are to honor God by serving our fellow human beings. We cannot worship God and be at odds with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It's so simple, yet so revolutionary. So, when are we all going to consistently remember this call from Jesus?

Today's Prayer

Holy and righteous Father, give me the courage to care for those whom others ignore and shun. Give me compassion to care when so many don't want to be bothered. But Father, may my concern for others never be seen as something that brings glory to me. Please bring all the glory to yourself and help me serve in such a way that others are drawn to love and praise you, not me. In Jesus' precious name, I pray. Amen.

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Illustration of Matthew 15:29-31 NLT —  And they praised the God of Israel.

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