What Jesus Did! 'Elijah Has Come' — Matthew 11:13-15

Monday, May 22, 2017

"All the prophets and the law {of Moses} spoke until the time John came. They told about the things that would happen. And if you will believe the things the law and the prophets said, then you will believe that John is Elijah. The law and the prophets said he would come. You people that hear me, listen!"
— Matthew 11:13-15 NLT
Illustration of Matthew 11:13-15 NLT —  The law and the prophets said he would come.

Key Thought

John is Elijah who has come back. This is more than just a novelty; he is the signal of a new time, a new age. Jesus is accepting all of John's predictions of the Messiah: "The Kingdom of God is near; it is breaking in upon you. The time is now. Open your eyes and hearts to the work of God and the triumph of his Kingdom." As Matthew so carefully does throughout his gospel, he wants us to understand that Jesus is not disconnected from Israel's past, but the guarantor that the promises of the prophets in Israel's past are now coming true. Great things are happening and the Great One is here.

Today's Prayer

Holy God, thank you for Jesus' confidence in his identity and his role in your great drama of deliverance. Thank you for being faithful to your promises all these many years. Give me courage to faithfully follow Jesus while also understanding him better by getting better acquainted with your work all throughout the Old Testament. In the name of Jesus, the One in whom every Amen is spoken and every promise finds its "yes" I pray. Amen.

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