What Jesus Did! 'Choices - Part 1' — Matthew 10:11-13

Saturday, May 1, 2021

[Jesus continued his instructions to the apostles when he sent them out:] "Whenever you enter a city or village, search for a worthy person and stay in his home until you leave town. When you enter the home, give it your blessing. If it turns out to be a worthy home, let your blessing stand; if it is not, take back the blessing."
— Matthew 10:11-13 NLT

Key Thought

Decisions have consequences. The truth of the Scriptures reminds us that what we do with Jesus matters eternally. While those who share the Good News may sometimes be rejected and mistreated, they need to remember that they go in the name of, with the blessing of, and under the authority of Jesus himself. When they go, they take the Good News of Jesus and the blessing of God. But if people reject that message, they must know that their decision has consequences. One of those consequences is to lose the Lord's blessing and his messenger from their lives. There are too many open and fruitful fields for disciples to get bogged down in fruitless and hopeless ones. They can leave, trusting that the Holy Spirit will use the message they shared even when that message is rejected. In the meantime, they can take their blessing to others.

Today's Prayer

Holy and righteous Father, please give me wisdom to see those in my daily path that you have placed there for me to influence. Give me words to say, a heart to hear, and insight to respond. Use me as your vessel to reach others with your grace and love. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

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  • Luke 10:16
  • Acts 13:50-52
  • Acts 16:14-15


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Illustration of Matthew 10:11-13 NLT — "Whenever you enter a city or village, search for a worthy person and stay in his home until you leave town."

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