What Jesus Did! 'Shake Off the Dust' — Mark 6:6-11

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jesus was very surprised because those people did not have faith. Then Jesus went to other villages in that area and taught. Jesus called the twelve followers together. Jesus sent them out in groups of two. Jesus gave them power over evil spirits. This is what Jesus told his followers: "Take nothing for your trip. Take only a stick for walking. Take no bread, no bag, and no money in your pockets. Wear shoes, and take only the clothes you are wearing. When you enter a house, stay in that house until you leave that town. If any town refuses to accept you or refuses to listen to you, then leave that town. Shake their dust off your feet. This will be a warning to them."
— Mark 6:6-11 NLT
Illustration of Mark 6:6-11 NLT —  Shake their dust off your feet.

Key Thought

After witnessing Jesus' experience in Nazareth (in the preceding verses), his disciples knew that not everyone would welcome their Master, much less his teaching. They were under no illusions. If they had any remaining doubts that they would meet resistance and rejection, his directions to them made it clear that they would. He told them what they were to take with them on their mission, how they were to conduct themselves, and what they were to do when their message was not received. However, their message was a vital one. They warned the people about the importance of turning from their sins. They displayed Jesus' power over the demonic world. They blessed many with healing. In other words, they extended their Master's message to many more people than Jesus could reach by himself. However, when they were rejected, they were to move on and do God's work where it was more warmly received, not wasting their time trying to convince those who would not believe.

Today's Prayer

O LORD God Almighty, thank you for your grace. Thank you for your mercy. Thank you for your gospel. Please help me to not take rejection of your message by others personally. Instead, dear Father, please use me to help others understand that they are making a decision about their life, their sins, their eternal destiny, and the source of their grace. When rejection comes, help me to move on and trust that the seeds of grace that have been planted may germinate at some other time, but that there are others who need your message now and are ready to hear it and need me to move on and find them. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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