What Jesus Did! 'The Cares of the Crowded Heart' — Mark 4:18-19

Friday, March 4, 2016

"Other people are like the seed planted among the thorny weeds. These people hear the teaching. But then these things come into their lives: the worries of this life, the love of money, and wanting all kinds of other things. These things stop the teaching from growing. So that teaching does not make fruit {in the lives of those people}."
— Mark 4:18-19 NLT
Illustration of Mark 4:18-19 NLT — "Other people are like the seed planted among the thorny weeds."

Key Thought

I hate thorns. Spending part of my time growing up in West Texas, we had to deal with all sorts of spiny kinds of cactus-like plants. Then in East Texas, where I spent the other part of my childhood, there were briars. I hate thorns. They seem to grow better in droughts than most other plants ... but then they grow better than most other plants in wet times, too! This is just a reminder that our hearts can easily be distracted from what is important by what is pervasive! For many of us, the stuff we own soon begins to own us and choke out our heart's openness to God.

Today's Prayer

Father, please help me keep my priorities correct as I battle with the cares of this life, the lure of money, and the desire to have nice things. Bless me as I seek you and your Kingdom first and as I trust that you will supply what is most needed in my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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