What Jesus Did! 'Careless and Care-less Joy' — Luke 6:25

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"It will be bad for you people that are full now, because you will be hungry. It will be bad for you people that are laughing now, because you will be sad and cry."
— Luke 6:25
Illustration of Luke 6:25 — "It will be bad for you people that are full now, because you will be hungry. It will be bad for you people that are laughing now, because you will be sad and cry."

Key Thought

Jesus enjoyed the fellowship of sinners to redeem them and welcome them into God's family. Jesus knew how to enjoy a party! (Remember the party that Matthew threw to introduce his sinful friends to Jesus?) Jesus talked about God's joyous party for returning sinners (Luke 15). However, Jesus had no part of careless joy. Careless joy is that self-satisfied, look what I've done, arrogant joy that could care less if anyone else is unhappy or mistreated. This shallow joy cannot survive the hardships of life and the permanence of death. It is a vain attempt to escape from the hollowness of life without the Savior. Sorrow, awful hunger, and mourning await those who live such a life.

Today's Prayer

God of mercy and justice, I am concerned about the many people who fill their days with careless joy trying to drive out the emptiness in their hearts. Use me to help them find the wellspring of eternal joy found in your grace and the presence of your Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Today's Verses in Context

Jesus and the apostles came down from the mountain. Jesus stood on a flat place. A large group of his followers were there. Also, there were many people from all around Judea, Jerusalem, and the seacoast cities of Tyre and Sidon. They all came to hear Jesus teach and to be healed of their sicknesses. Jesus healed those people that were troubled by evil spirits {from the devil}. All the people were trying to touch Jesus, because power was coming out from him. Jesus healed them all! Jesus looked at his followers and said, "What great blessings there are for you poor people! God's kingdom belongs to you. What great blessings there are for you people that are hungry now! You will be filled. What great blessings there are for you people that are crying now! You will be {happy and} laughing. "People will hate you because you belong to the Son of Man. They will make you leave their group. They will insult you. They will think it is wrong even to say your name. When these things happen, know that God will bless you. At that time you can be happy and jump for joy, because you have a great reward in heaven. Their fathers were mean to the prophets in the same way that these people are mean to you. "But it will be bad for you, you rich people, because you had your easy life. It will be bad for you people that are full now, because you will be hungry. It will be bad for you people that are laughing now, because you will be sad and cry. "It is bad when all people say good things about you. Their fathers always said good things about the false prophets.

Luke 6:17-26

Related Scripture Readings

One of the men in the crowd said to Jesus, "Teacher, {our father just died}. Tell my brother to share with me the things our father owned." But Jesus said to him, "Who said that I should be your judge or decide how to divide your father's things between you two?" Then Jesus said to them. "Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. A person does not get life from the many things he owns." Then Jesus used this story: "There was a rich man that had some land. His land grew a very good crop of food. The rich man thought to himself, 'What will I do? I have no place to keep all my crops.' Then the rich man said, 'I know what I will do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger barns! I will put all my wheat and good things together in my new barns. Then I can say to myself, I have many good things stored. I have saved enough for many years. Rest, eat, drink, and enjoy life!' But God said to that man, 'Foolish man! Tonight you will die. So what about the things you prepared for yourself? Who will get those things now?' "This is how it will be for the person that saves things only for himself. To God that person is not rich."

Luke 12:13-21

A {Jewish} leader asked Jesus, "Good teacher, what must I do to get the life that continues forever?" Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? Only God is good. {But I will answer your question.} You know {God's} commands: 'You must not do the sin of adultery, you must not murder anyone, you must not steal anything, you must not tell lies about other people, you must honor (respect) your father and mother

Luke 18:18-23

That is proof that God is right in his judgment. God wants you to be worthy of his kingdom. Your suffering is for that kingdom. God will do what is right. He will give trouble to those people who trouble you. And God will give peace to you people who are troubled. And he will give peace to us. God will give us this help when the Lord Jesus is shown to us. Jesus will come from heaven with his powerful angels. He will come from heaven with burning fire to punish those people who don't know God. He will punish those people who refuse to accept the Good News about our Lord Jesus Christ. Those people will be punished with a destruction that continues forever. They will not be allowed to be with the Lord. Those people will be kept away from his great power. This will happen on the day when the Lord {Jesus} comes. Jesus will come to receive glory with his holy people. And all the people who have believed will be amazed at Jesus. You will be in that group of believers, because you believed the things we told you.

2 Thessalonians 1:5-10


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