What Jesus Did! 'Love's Defining Moment' — John 13:1

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It was almost time for the Jewish Passover festival. Jesus knew that it was time for him to leave this world. It was now time for Jesus to go back to the Father. Jesus had always loved those people in the world who were his. Now was the time Jesus showed them his love the most.
— John 13:1 NLT
Illustration of John 13:1 NLT —  Now was the time Jesus showed them his love the most.

Key Thought

Many poems, songs, books, and movies have been written about true love. Jesus defines it. On the eve of his own torture and death, knowing that of the twelve men in the room with him that 10 men will desert him, 1 will deny him, and the final 1 will betray him, Jesus stoops and does the work of a slave by washing their feet. He loves them to the end. He shows them the full extent of love. We had better pay attention if we want to know what love is! As John tells his Spirit-inspired story of Jesus, he doesn't leave it to our sense of discernment to pick up on the message. If we want to know about true love, we should watch and listen to Jesus in verses that follow in John 13.

Today's Prayer

Holy God, I recognize that love is your very nature. I believe that your relationship with me is built upon your great love for me and your desire to demonstrate that love to me. I confess, dear Father, that I am still learning to love as I should. So teach me to love like Jesus loves. Teach me to redeem others through my love. Free me from my inhibitions and selfishness that block me from loving others like Jesus did. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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