What Jesus Did! 'Hard to Understand' — John 6:60-62

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The followers of Jesus heard this. Many of the followers said, "This teaching is hard {to accept}. Who can accept this teaching?" Jesus knew that his followers were complaining about this. So Jesus said, "Is this teaching a problem for you? Then will it also be a problem for you to see the Son of Man going back to the place where he came from?"
— John 6:60-62 NLT
Illustration of John 6:60-62 NLT — "This teaching is hard {to accept}. Who can accept this teaching?"

Key Thought

"Make it easy for them!" That seems to be the slogan today. "Don't put the bar too high!" "Don't make it difficult!" Unfortunately, the best things in life and the truest things in life are the hardest to acquire and to achieve. Quite often, the truest things in life are the hardest to discern. If we make them easy, then we make them less than what they are. Jesus didn't make it easy for them. Instead, he made it even more challenging. He made sure those seeking him knew the stakes involved; so for that reason, he refused to water down the challenge to them. While I want people to come to Jesus and receive his grace that has been so freely offered, I sure don't want to rob his message of its bite, of its power, or of its demands. Jesus calls us to follow a tough road to a wonderful place of glory and grace. Don't let his challenging words put you off. He is the only way.

Today's Prayer

Give me a heart to follow only you and your messengers, O LORD. Please don't let me be deceived by those who are false or misled by those who don't know the way. Give me discernment so that I can know your will more completely and follow Jesus more passionately. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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