We're glad you're here for ToGather! (What is ToGather?) Below, you will find a guide for a home worship gathering with Scriptures, songs, a Communion reflection, an inspirational message from Luke 24:36-43, along with a closing blessing from Verse of the Day ministry partners from India. We encourage you to have bread and wine (or grape juice) to share in the time of Communion.

We invite you to worship with us and with others from around the world. Your family, house church, gathering of friends, or missional community, can join people from around the world in this worship. Be blessed and invite the Spirit to inspire, encourage, comfort, and challenge you in your walk with Jesus.

God bless you, those you love, and those you want to reach with the grace of Jesus!

The ToGather.church Team

We celebrate Jesus' triumph over death every Sunday, especially on Resurrection Sunday, to remind us that He is alive with us every day!

Blessing and Call to Worship:

Read these words of blessing and praise, out loud, whether you are alone or with others:

To the church of God... to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be his holy people, together with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ — their Lord and ours:

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
(1 Corinthians 1:2-3)

Hear the invitation to enter into worship of our gracious God, with Phil Wickham's anthem of praise, "Great Things."

Now, let's sing about the faithfulness of God using Matt Redman's song, "Never Once," led by Zoe Group (acapella):

Communion Reflection: Remembering His Death on the Day of His Victory:

What follows is a song and then a Communion reflection to help us as we share in Communion on this first day of the week, Resurrection Sunday for many of us — the day that turned the disciples worst nightmare into our day of celebration and anticipation!

We have two songs to help celebrate the resurrection. The first, "Up From the Grave He Arose," is an old song and is acapella, led by The Kingdom Quartet. The second comes from the dawn of contemporary Christian music with 2nd Chapter of Acts and their "Easter Song":

Resurrection Sunday Message:

Open your Bible to Luke 24:36-43, and join us as we share in the joy of that first Resurrection Sunday when Jesus showed Himself alive to His apostles:

Let's celebrate the truth of our victory in Jesus through Phil Wickham's "Living Hope":

Closing Blessing and Song:

Isaac and Ruth provide our closing blessing. They live in India and work with churches and are translators for Verse of the Day. Ruth, from Great Britain, has served the Lord in India, off and on, for several years. Isaac comes from a family of evangelists and pastors that has ministered in India for many years. Their countries, like most countries, are feeling the weight of COVID-19 as it wreaks its havoc, so please pray for them, their families, and the brothers and sisters in Christ they serve.

Some praise songs feel as if they repeat words and phrases, mindlessly. While the following song is a long hymn with many repeats, each word comes from the Scriptures. Each verse and every chorus proclaim God's love, favor, and blessing over us as His people. When I share in this song, I visualize myself in a refreshing rain shower on a blazingly hot day. This song is our rain shower of grace, falling gently upon us, bringing refreshment to both us and those around us.

As we come to our close on this Resurrection Sunday, please take the blessing, favor, and grace of the Lord with you and find ways to share that grace with others.

Living My MUSD — Faith Working Through Love:

Come join us for "Living My MUSD" (said, "Living My MUST") — Living My Mission Under Social Distancing.

This week, we focus on shared prayer and using this gift from God to empower us to live out Jesus' mission in our world, especially now!

Special thanks for the use of images related to Jesus' ministry from The Lumo Project and Free Bible Images for use on this week's post.