I preached my father’s funeral service a few weeks ago and it reminded me of some very important things. It reminded me that I too am going to die someday. My Dad was 86 and he had Alzheimer’s. But there is something about seeing your father die that causes you to reflect on your own mortality. He got old, got sick, and he died. That is probably the blueprint for my future too. And it is probably how you will end your days on earth. It is the way this world works.

How you live is much more important than what you did to make a living. I listened to so many people talk about the difference my Dad had made in their life. People who came to know Jesus because of him. People who gave their lives to telling others about Jesus. I heard of marriages helped, spiritual struggles won, and the power of a marriage that lasted 65 years. I knew my Dad lived life with a purpose. I knew his life was about something bigger than himself. I knew that what mattered to him was being a Jesus ambassador in this world. And I saw evidence of that.

I thought how blessed I am because of him. I am a Jesus follower because of him and my Mom. They taught me to love God and to follow his son. We shared that belief. Because of that faith, I am confident I will see my Dad again. And I cannot imagine how I would have faced his funeral without that confidence.

But here is what I would share with those reading this…

We all die.

Will your life have made a difference in this world?

What will people learn from your funeral?
What happens after you die?

I can help you think through these things. Just like my Dad helped me… even at his funeral. Write me at steve@hopeforlife.org. Or visit our website at www.hopeforlife.org.