It is a question asked for any number of reasons. It may be a matter of curiosity from someone who is not sure if they believe in Jesus but would like to know more. Or it could come from someone who has seen or heard something about Christianity that makes them want to investigate Jesus more in depth. Sometimes it is from a person who wants to believe in him but just does not know how to begin the journey to follow him.

So if you find yourself among those asking this question, here are some suggestions to find out more about Jesus.

1. Read his story. There are two books in the Bible that are very helpful for an introduction to Jesus. The book of Luke in the New Testament is the story of life of Jesus. Then read the book of Acts. It is the story of the early followers of Jesus. Just look them up in the table of contents in your Bible and start reading.

2. Visit This website is designed to help you begin learning about how to experience hope through Jesus. You will find resources to read and study. You will find video testimonies from people just like you who found hope for life through Jesus.

I do want to learn more about Jesus. How do I begin?
3. Connect with Jesus followers. Ask some of the Christians you know to share the story of their faith journey. Visit a local church and meet some Christians. This will give you a chance to see how following Jesus works in real lives. You can ask questions of people who will be honored to get to know you. If you do not know how to go about finding a group of Christians, please let me know generally where you live. It may be that I will know someone in your area who would enjoy talking with you.

I hope these suggestions will start you on the journey to know Jesus. Let me know how it goes. Write me at Or comment on our website at