I look at the photographs often, especially the faces. There is always joy and excitement as they have just been baptized. They exhibit the overflow of emotions as they tell everyone around them about what this moment means to them.

Remember when you were baptized? You made the confession that millions throughout the centuries have, "I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and he died for my sins that I might live with him forever." Then the water came rushing over your head and you plunged beneath the surface. Almost as quickly you were pulled to the surface. Remember? It might have taken place in a lake, a church baptistery, a stream, a stock tank, a river or a bathtub. Remember?

After you dried off and put on your clothes, you were greeted by people, some clapping, some crying, all smiling. Remember?

You wanted to tell people why you did it. Why you chose to follow Jesus, what he meant to you and how you wanted others to do the same thing. Remember?

Somewhere before the baptism, before the confession, before you decided — someone told you about a Savior who could rescue you from sin, save you from Hell, helped you understand that God wanted you to be with Him forever. Remember?

You wanted to tell people why you did it. Remember?
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