I had never even heard of an olinguito until a couple of months ago. Of course, neither had you. No one had. That is because they were just “discovered”. The olinguito is a newly recognized species of carnivorous mammal found in the Andes. Scientists believe there may be around ten million various species found in our world. Of these, they have identified about two million. So there are perhaps eight million species yet to be identified by man. Plants, insects, and animals like the olinguito just waiting for us to find them.

So maybe we do not know everything about our world.

Our world is complex, fascinating, wonderful, and awe inspiring. Every year we learn new things about it that we had not known. Scientists freely admit that we do not know, or understand, many aspects of nature. So clearly we could not have created a world like this. It was either a random accident or it was purposely created by someone far greater than us.

I believe in a creator. I believe it was God. I admit it takes a certain amount of faith to claim that there is a God that created this world. It is faith because I cannot explain it or understand how all this came to be.

But it also takes a certain amount of faith to believe that this amazing world happened by accident. That is inconceivable to me. If this is all some sort of cosmic accident, then what is the point? No plan, no purpose, no reason for being.

But if there is a Creator who made all this, then everything is different. There is a purpose. We are not an accident, but an intentional creation. Everything does not have to be understood or known by us. There is a God who understands and knows it all.

He made an olinguito. It existed even though no one knew what it was. But God knew. God made us. We are known by him. We have a purpose.

It may be hard to believe in a Creator for our world. But it may be harder to believe it is all by accident.
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