In modern society, we put a lot of trust in strangers. We take public transportation, trusting that the driver or pilot or engineer is capable of taking us safely to our destination. We purchase food in stores and restaurants, believing that none of the food handlers have poisoned it. We go to doctors and dentists, trusting that these professionals will do their best to protect our health.

The list goes on and on: maintenance crews, security personnel, water treatment workers. We even put a certain amount of trust in the average people who walk and drive where we live.

We do that even though we know that there are bad people out there. We trust even though we know that good people sometimes make mistakes. We want to believe in other people.

We've seen those that don't, the people who live in a state of constant paranoia. I don't know about you, but I don't want to live that way. I prefer to live my life with a certain amount of trust.

I trust in God above all, trusting in three basic facts:

  • God is good
  • God knows best
  • God is able

I don't always understand what God is doing. Sometimes I don't agree. There are even moments where I think that I know better than he does, that my way is the best way.

Sometimes I doubt. Times when it seems like chaos has won and evil will triumph.

But then I fall back on trust. He is good. He knows best. He is able.
But then I fall back on trust. He is good. He knows best. He is able.

People will fail me. I've learned that. I know that because I'm well aware of my own shortcomings. I'm not perfect, and others aren't either. I'm not always good, and others aren't either.

But God is. He is good. He knows best. And he is able. I just need to trust.

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