That is what the ad said: getting a motorized wheelchair for your loved one is as easy as one, two, three. Not only that but it would be cheap or perhaps even free. What my father-in-law heard was that it would be easy to get your free motorized wheelchair if you need it. He needed it, so he and my wife set out to get this free and easy chair. I am not sure how lots of paperwork, including the visit to the Doctor to get his assessment and then to a therapist to get his endorsement, is considered easy. That took several weeks and at least three appointments plus the paperwork.

The chair did end up being free. It just was not easy. And of course, if you want to transport it you need a power lift on the back of your vehicle. Not included. Not easy. That lift then requires a hitch added on to the vehicle. Again, not part of the deal. Not easy. Maybe what they meant and what we expected did not match up. It took quite a bit of time and what we considered significant expense to secure the free and easy motorized wheelchair. But Grandpa is thrilled. He is able to go places on that chair easier and pain free. Great decision; we just did not understand the cost. If we had, we would have done it anyway. The benefit is worth it. We just wish we had known the true cost in time and effort up front.

So I wonder if we Christians mean something different than what non-believers hear when we talk about the free gift of salvation through Jesus. Salvation is God’s free gift, but that does not mean it is easy. Jesus himself said if we want to follow him we must deny ourselves. He said if we wanted to find our life we must first lose it. The decision to follow Jesus is described as a death. And if you follow Jesus you will be persecuted by a world that does not know him. The Bible gives much advice on how to live in a hard world full of trouble and trials.

Free does not mean easy, but it is so worth it.

My salvation is free...yet costs me everything.
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