I hate to ask directions. It may be because I think that I can find my destination on my own. But when it is fifteen minutes until a speaking engagement is scheduled to start, and I cannot find the address, even I realize that I need help. Maybe I am afraid I will look incompetent or that people will look down on me. After all, the premise of asking for directions is that someone knows how to get you to where you need to be. They know something I do not.

My dislike may come because I have had bad experiences asking for directions. I hate the phrase “you can’t miss it,” or “don’t worry, it’s easy.” Some people do look at me as if I am incapable of understanding the clear directions I am being given. Other times people have been rude, or they acted like I was imposing on them. And I have been given wrong directions. I have been told to turn left while they pointed to the right. I have had people get in animated disagreements over the best way to tell me how to go.

But sometimes it works. People are nice. They are helpful. They walk out and point, or they have me follow them, or they reassure me that it is difficult to find and they are glad I asked. And when that happens, I am glad I asked. I get where I needed to go.

This must be how it feels to ask for spiritual guidance. You may have realized that you would like a relationship with Jesus, but do not know how to get there. Now you want help. Some are afraid that asking for guidance will result in experiences like sometimes happened to me when asking directions. Maybe you have had a bad experience in your spiritual search ... and for that I am sorry. But there are people who not only will help you, but they want to help you.

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We would love to help you find your way to Jesus.

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