We have a great coffee maker at work. You make one cup of your personal favorite drink at a time. You can have any number of different kinds of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Even better, you can brew your cup at whatever strength you desire: weak, medium, or strong. You can make it caffeinated, or decaf. And it only takes about one minute to make.

If Christians could ever present Christianity like that, we could interest a lot more people. Christianity in small doses… however you want it at any particular time. If you are feeling particularly religious, you can get a strong dose of Jesus one day. If not, go a little weaker. Jesus to suit your taste – just like you want him to be.

Some churches do present a “consumer” Jesus. There seems to be a great deal of emphasis on not offending anyone, on meeting everyone’s perceived or expressed needs. Messages are tailored to present a Jesus that is not too demanding, comes in small doses, and can fit all your perceptions.

Except that is not how Jesus presented himself. He is offended by religion that had forgotten God. He calls sinners to repentance. He calls followers to die with him. He promises persecution and suffering in this life. He asks you for a total commitment. He demands complete obedience.

He does this because he has earned that right. He came to this earth to find you because His Father wants you to live forever in heaven. He died so unholy people could live forever with a holy God. He did it because He loves us more than anyone has ever loved us. He did it so we can live forever.

Jesus does not change. We do.
I can’t help you find a “coffee maker” Jesus. But if you want to know more about the real Savior who asks you to die so you can live forever… then write me at steve@hopeforlife.org. Or join our blog discussion at www.hopeforlife.org.

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