Emotion. Disaster. Passion. Heartbreak. Love. Tragedy. Comfort. Death. Surprise. These all collide in our daily lives. We often have little or no preparation for these radical changes in the seasons of our lives. So we hang on. We pray. We struggle. We mourn. We cry out. We stumble. And by God's grace, and the support of others, we endure and come through our season of pain, struggle, grief, and loss.

On Monday, I shared an article about God comforting us so we can comfort others. God has always blessed His people so they could bless others in His name (Genesis 12:1-3). God is looking for people to be conduits of His blessing. In situations of anguish, sorrow, loss, grief, and pain, God is looking for those who have received His comfort to share it with others.

Stephen Corbett,* our Southern Hills communications guru produced this clip to help drive home the message of sharing the comfort we have received from God with others (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

If you have received this message by email, you can view the video on the web: BandAid

Let's pass it on!
I would love your comments on what you think about this video and also give you an opportunity to look at a couple of other video resources, a Scripture graphic of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, and PowerPoint slides you can use with your own presentation of this message. You can find these on my blog:

God is the God of all comfort, so let's take the comfort we have received and pass it on!

* Stephen is the producer of the now famous "Stethoscope" video that has received nearly 3 million views on YouTube and special coverage on MSNBC. His creative eye and his work with people help bring Scripture principles to life. His work blesses our church and helps provide us with powerful and emotive images on which to hang biblical truth.