Someone asked me the other day if I could remember my first sermon. I can. I was fourteen years old and spoke at the Hickory Grove church of Christ in Arkansas. I preached on The Parable of the Pencil. I can even remember most of the points I made.

Pencils come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Just like people. No matter what they look like on the outside, they all have one thing inside them that is the same: the lead core. Just like we all have a soul.

Pencils are made to write. That is their purpose. That purpose is only accomplished when there is a guiding hand around the pencil. We also were made for a purpose that is accomplished with the help of a guiding hand.

Pencils have erasers in case of mistakes. As Christians, God allows us to "erase" our mistakes. Pencils need a sharp point and we need to remain sharp in our spiritual lives.

You may be wondering by now what is the point of this article. Is it about starting to preach when young? Is it to show how we grow up as Christians so that my sermons have more depth now? Is it to make a point about pencils and Jesus?

Actually, it is to help me remember how to view the world. I still see parables and applications about Christian living in pencils, cars, televisions, pets, and sports. It is a natural process. Try it. Think about what you learn about God from everyday things. I enjoyed remembering that first sermon, and I want to keep that same perspective.

Spiritual lessons are everywhere we look. Am I looking?
I want to see lessons about God in everything I do in this life. That's what Jesus did. He saw spiritual application in birds, farming, fishing, and family life. I love being in a relationship with God that is so intense I see him everywhere and in everything. It is a great life.

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