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Uh, Phil --
Did anyone explain that blogging usually entails more than 1 entry? Some people even write daily blogs. :)
Bob A

What are they? I've never heard of them.

You know you don't have to write so much when you write your blog! Just make it a few sentences and share something each day.

These were actual comments, published and unpublished from the release of Heartlight blogs.

Now the real test!
In many areas, Heartlight has done stuff on the web ahead of most other folks — we're celebrating our tenth anniversary so we've been here awhile. We have done travel diaries — that's what they were called before you would call them a travelblog — and other similar things to blogs. We just never got around to installing "real" blogging software so we could have official web logs, or blogs. Now that Paul and I both have a blog, I guess that we are now bonafide!

Now the real test: What do I do with my blog?

I thought that would be a hard question to answer. However, nearly everyone has chimed in with an idea of what I should write, how I should write it, and how frequently I should write it. I even have a few ideas ... look out, good granny, I'm going to blog somebody, with something, every so often, using some kind of blogging guidelines.

So who cares?

In one way, nobody really cares that much whether Paul and I blog or don't blog. On the other hand, we hope you realize that we do care about you, what you do, and how Heartlight can be a blessing to you. In addition, we want you to have access to us so you can share what's on your heart. Along the way, we hope you get to know us better and we get to know more about you.

So we will blog ... along with providing graphics, devotionals, articles, Bible study helps, and other resources for positive Christian living. We hope to hear from you, too. We welcome your comments and input. Along the way, we hope our community of over half a million people gets a little smaller and a little closer to each other and the Lord!