I have never been sure whether stress causes one to lose their sense of humor or a loss of a sense of humor produces stress. What is apparent is that one definitely affects the other. Everyone needs that sense of humor in order to keep life in prospective. We all tend to view the present moment, especially as it affects us, as the center of the universe. We give ourselves entirely too much credit in the minds of others as the basis for their behaviors.

Some of us feel that others are looking at us. The sad truth is, most people don't even know we are around ... at least not in the sense we fear. A small boy leaving a theater is certain that everyone in that theater is watching him as he goes out. A guest at a crowded party is sure that every other guest can see the tiny spot where he dropped food on his tie. A girl with a wrinkle in her dress will have her entire evening ruined worrying about what others think. In reality, most folks don't notice and even if they do, they don't remember they noticed.

There are several matters that should be noted here. Sadly, most people pay little or no attention to you in the first place. Most of those who are aware do not spend their time thinking about you. And most importantly, you lose the opportunity for a time of relaxed joy when you allow little events to produce stress.

There are three things that will help put matters in proper perspective.

Ask, "How would this impact me if it were someone else in my place?" If you would not give much thought to it if it happened to someone else, then realize most others around you are not giving much thought to it when it happens to you.

"Why can't I laugh at this and go on?"
Ask, "How important will this be next year?" Have you noticed how differently we view matters after time has passed? If it is not a matter to be concerned with in later years, then it is not that important today. Don't waste time today worrying about something that won't matter tomorrow.

Ask, "Why can't I laugh at this and go on?" This is very important! A good sense of humor allows one to defuse most events that otherwise produce stress. Don't take your little bloopers and blunders so seriously! No one else does!

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. (Proverbs 15:13)