Wake up, my soul! ... I will waken the dawn with my song. (Psalm 57:8)

The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and care for it. (Genesis 2:16)

It seems as if Spring has finally arrived here in the mountains of my home. Today my heart and soul were filled full to overflowing with the countless blessings that come along with springtime here. There was the glorious singing of the birds this morning that greeted both the new day and my soul with its joy. There was the beautifully enchanting song of the frogs this evening as I walked with my boys around the lake near our home. There was the spectacular sparkling of the sun off the lake water that seemed like a thousand angels dancing in delight. There was the tranquil peace of seeing a family of ducks making their home on the water.

They touched my own soul with their work and their love.
The two most special blessings of this day, however, were the sight of smiling volunteers cleaning up the trash along the highway and the sight of the first flowers of spring blooming along the walkway around the lake. What made these blessings so special was that they came not only from God, but from human hearts as well. Those flowers had been planted years ago by a loving soul to greet the people who came to the lake, and today's caring volunteers had made a special effort to remove some ugliness and bring some beauty back to the road that ran by its side. It was so glorious seeing these wonderful souls doing so much to help God bring a little more light and joy to this world. They touched my own soul with their work and their love.

Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light, once said that "Human souls are the only things in this life that continue forever. And therefore my true heritage must be my loving contribution to other human souls."

May we always live by our true heritage. May we always contribute our love, joy, and help to other human souls. May we always help God to make this world a better, more beautiful, and more loving place for all the beautiful souls in it.