What Jesus Did! 'Shortening the Days' — Mark 13:14-20

Friday, September 25, 2020

"You will see 'the terrible thing that causes destruction.' You will see this thing standing in the place where it should not be." (You that read this should understand what it means.) "At that time, the people in Judea should run away to the mountains. People should run away without wasting time to stop for anything. If a person is on the roof of his house, he must not go down to take things out of his house. If a person is in the field, he must not go back to get his coat. At that time, it will be bad for women that are pregnant or have small babies. Pray that these things will not happen in winter. Why? Because those days will be full of much trouble. There will be more trouble than has ever happened since the beginning, when God made the world. And nothing as bad as that will ever happen again. But God has decided to make that terrible time short. If that time were not made short, then no person could continue living. But God will make that time short to help his special people that he has chosen."
— Mark 13:14-20 NLT
Illustration of Mark 13:14-20 NLT — "You will see 'the terrible thing that causes destruction.' You will see this thing standing in the place where it should not be."

Key Thought

The troubles and tumult of the end time will be great. Yet despite all outward appearances, God will remain in control and will protect and bring deliverance for his people during these distressing times. As God's children, those whose allegiance is to the Lord Jesus and whose lives are focused on his Kingdom, our triumph is secure. It cannot be taken from us—not by Satan's power, not by evil times, and not by death itself. Our God is in control and our Lord is on the horizon to usher us into his eternal presence. Our task is to remain faithful and be ready for his deliverance.

Today's Prayer

O Father, empower me to remain faithful to you no matter the times or my current circumstance. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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