What Jesus Did! 'Courage to Tell the Truth' — Mark 6:17-20

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Herod himself had ordered his soldiers to arrest John. So John was put into prison. Herod did this to please his wife, Herodias. Herodias was the wife of Philip, Herod's brother. But then Herod married Herodias. John told Herod that it was not right for him to be married to his brother's wife. So Herodias hated John. She wanted to kill him. But Herodias was not able to persuade Herod to kill John. Herod was afraid to kill John. Herod knew that all the people thought John was a good and holy man. So Herod protected John. Herod enjoyed listening to John preach. But John's message always bothered Herod.
— Mark 6:17-20 NLT
Illustration of Mark 6:17-20 NLT —  But John's message always bothered Herod.

Key Thought

Unfortunately, over the years, way too many of Jesus' followers have lost their courage to tell the truth and have become puppets of political correctness—either the "correctness" of the culture or of the religious culture in which they found themselves. John spoke the truth. He spoke the same truth no matter the power of the person listening to his message and the potential danger he might encounter for his proclamation. I cannot think of many things more needed in our time than this kind of courage.

Today's Prayer

O Father in heaven, give all of us the courage as Christian witnesses to tell your truth in love no matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves and regardless of the consequences we may encounter for declaring your message. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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