What Jesus Did! 'Admitting the Truth' — John 9:28-29

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Jewish leaders {became angry and} said some very bad things to the man. Then they said, "You are a follower of that man (Jesus). We are followers of Moses. We know that God spoke to Moses. But we don't even know where this man (Jesus) comes from!"
— John 9:28-29
Illustration of John 9:28-29 — "You are a follower of that man (Jesus). We are followers of Moses. We know that God spoke to Moses. But we don't even know where this man (Jesus) comes from!"

Key Thought

"We know nothing about him!" Sadly, this is about the only truthful thing the authorities say about Jesus in the whole episode. But, if they really knew Moses, they would know Jesus. If they really knew God, they would know Jesus. So many people reject Jesus because they don't really know him—church experiences, church people, or chosen lifestyles get in their way of knowing Jesus. As we seek to reach the lost, we must remember that the core, the essence, the truth we share is centered in Christ Jesus. Rather than getting lost in a lot of church mumbo jumbo, let's share Jesus with them. Let's help them see the Savior.

Today's Prayer

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus. I know that he is your greatest and most complete message. Forgive me for the times that I have gotten lost in religious arguments and forgotten to share Jesus with those who need him. Bless my efforts to share Jesus with those who do not recognize him as their Lord and Savior. It's in Jesus' precious and mighty name I pray. Amen.

Related Scripture Readings

The Word (Christ) was full of grace and truth. From him we all received more and more blessings. The law was given through Moses. But grace and {the way of} truth came through Jesus Christ. No man has ever seen God. But the only Son (Jesus) is God. He is very close to the Father (God). And the Son has shown us what God is like.

John 1:16-18

You carefully study the Scriptures. You think that those Scriptures give you life forever. Those same Scriptures tell about me! But you refuse to come to me to have that life {you want}. "I don't want praise from you or any other human. But I know you—I know that you don't have God's love in you. I have come from my Father—I speak for him. But you don't accept me. But when another person comes speaking only for himself, you will accept him. You like to have praise from each other. But you never try to get the praise that comes from the only God. So how can you believe? Don't think that I will stand before the Father and say that you are wrong. Moses is the person that says that you are wrong. And Moses is the one that you hoped would save you. If you really believed Moses, you would believe me. Why? Because Moses wrote about me.

John 5:39-46

Father, you are the One who is good. The world does not know you, but I know you. And these people know that you sent me.

John 17:25


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