What Jesus Did! 'Challenge to Believing' — John 7:10-13

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So Jesus' brothers left to go to the festival. After they left, Jesus went too. But Jesus did not let people see him. At the festival the Jewish leaders were looking for Jesus. The Jews said, "Where is that man?" There was a large group of people there. Many of these people were talking secretly to each other about Jesus. Some people said, "He is a good man." But other people said, "No, he fools the people." But none of the people were brave enough to talk about Jesus openly. The people were afraid of the Jewish leaders.
— John 7:10-13 NLT
Illustration of John 7:10-13 NLT — "No, he fools the people."

Key Thought

People don't come to faith in a vacuum. The Enemy of faith is always trying to cast doubt and enforce unbelief with fear. Throughout John's story of Jesus, we will see the struggle to believe in the face of the fear of rejection. How many people around you would be more willing to believe if you were more open about your faith? Is there someone, or something, keeping you silent because of fear? Faith is not just believing in our heads and hearts; it is believing with our lives—demonstrating our faith with our actions, words, and influence. Don't let fear silence your faith; someone around you has her or his salvation depending upon it!

Today's Prayer

Father, please give me courage and wisdom to demonstrate my faith in appropriate and effective ways. I need your help to influence those around me to come to Jesus. I need your guidance as I try to be bold about my faith without turning off those around me. In Jesus' name I ask for your help to have a redemptive influence in my world. Amen.

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