Quotemeal: Aug. 30th, 2022

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

"The life of faith does not earn eternal life: it is eternal life. And Christ is its vehicle."
— William Temple

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"Sometimes God doesn't tell us His plan because we wouldn't believe it anyway."
"The more man becomes irradiated with the divinity of Christ, the more, not the less, truly he is man."
"Live in the world as if only God and your soul were in it; then your heart will never be made captive by any earthly thing."
"And what kind of habitation pleases God? What must our natures be like before he can feel at home within us? He asks nothing but a pure heart and a single mind...."
A. W. Tozer


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Illustration of William Temple — "The life of faith does not earn eternal life: it is eternal life. And Christ is its vehicle."

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