Quotemeal: Oct. 11th, 2021

Monday, October 11, 2021

"He loves each one of us, as if there were only one of us."
— St. Augustine of Hippo

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"Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years."
"Christ was in agony in prayer, Luke 22:44. Many when they pray are rather in lethargy, than in an agony. When they are about the world they are all fire; when....."
"It is a vain thought to flee from the work that God appoints us, for the sake of finding a greater blessing, instead of seeking it where alone it is to be found..."
George Eliot
"The seven social sins: politics without principle, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality,..."


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Illustration of St. Augustine of Hippo — "He loves each one of us, as if there were only one of us."

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