Quotemeal: Feb. 18th, 2020

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

ToGather: Asking for Godly Wisdom

Let's ask God to give us the wisdom we need to live for Him and live with His character.

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"Till men have faith in Christ, their best services are but glorious sins."
— Thomas Brooks

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"We're in spiritual combat - cosmic combat for the heart and soul of humankind."
Chuck Colson
"Commitment without reflection is fanaticism in action, though reflection without commitment is the paralysis of all action."
John Mackay
"The lowest station in the Lord's house is better than the highest position among the godless. To bear burdens and open doors for the Lord is more honor than to..."
"The Spirit of God will not lead a man where the grace of God cannot keep him."


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Illustration of Thomas Brooks — "Till men have faith in Christ, their best services are but glorious sins."

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