Praying with Paul: 'Fit for Service'

Monday, August 5, 2024

1 Timothy 1:12-15

Dear Father,

Thank you for the strength that you give us to minister to others. We bless you for judging us faithful and for committing talents to us by which we may help others.

In spite of our offenses against you, you show great mercy in overlooking our ignorance and unbelief and by now giving us opportunities and encouragement to serve you.

You have made the graciousness of our Lord Jesus Christ overflow to us in the faith and the love that are available in him.

How sure and worthy of full acceptance is the truth that our Lord Jesus came into the world to save sinners. We were sinners!

Thank you for the salvation that you wrought for us through him, in whose name I now pray. Amen.


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Fit for Service — 1 Timothy 1:12-15

About This Devotional

Eldon Degge turns the apostle Paul's writings into daily, powerful prayers.

Heartlight appreciates Eldon Degge and Meridian Publishing for permission to make this available on our website. Praying with Paul is also available as a book.