The Lord will reign forever and ever ... (Exodus 15:18 NLT)

It has been a long season, but a happy time for our granddaughters. Fourteen year-old Faith jumped and yelled and shouted words of encouragement to the Junior High basketball team as they rang out their cheers for RCS.

Although only in the fourth grade, ten year-old Mary Kathryn was invited to play with the fifth and sixth grade team. Her kind, sensitive spirit does not allow her to be an aggressive person, but she can stand in three-point land and sink that ball over and over.

Their granddaddy and I love being cheerleaders to the two of them, and most home games found us on the sidelines yelling and clapping.

The season wound down and the last scheduled game was played. This week was tournament time. Neither team won their first game; soon the tournament was over, too.

The camaraderie among the coach, parents, teams and fans becomes a special bonding time, during those many days and nights of practice and games. But, it all comes to an end. There were tears of joy and tears of sorrow that final night. Wins were discussed and reminisced and losses were put in the back of their memories.

Faith will go on to High School next year and Mary Kathryn will get more playing time with her team. But for now basketball season is over.

There is one relationship in life that never has to end.
There is one relationship in life that never has to end. Not even for a short year as we grow and mature physically and emotionally. Knowing Jesus as our Personal Savior makes us one with Him and He never turns loose, even for a few months.

Jesus is always there when we need Him. He is always present. Anytime you can call on His name and He will be available to minister to you. He never takes a vacation nor says we will meet together in a few months. There is instant and constant rapport with the one who knows and loves you best. Make Him Lord of your life and He is always available.

God's time isn't over and His season hasn't ended. Would you receive Him now?

His Kingdom never ceases, and the Lord will reign forever and ever.