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Election Time!

Election Time!

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Those who live in the United States may have heard that there's an election coming up. Billions of dollars will be spent during the course of the campaigns. Millions of man hours will be invested. And who could begin to count the number of words that will be spoken and written?

Pronouncements will be made about the importance of the election, with superlatives tossed out like "most important" and "extremely critical." Some people will even lose sleep over the next few weeks, worrying about the outcome of the political races.

Then the election will be held, and things will settle down for a season. A short season. Time enough for everyone to catch their breath, then the next political contests will begin.

In the end, it won't really matter.

That is, politicians will come and politicians will go. There will be elections and campaigns. Entire nations will rise and fall. But God, our King, will reign unwaveringly until the end of time… and beyond that!

Christians at the end of the first century had to face the fact that the empire they were living in was being ruled by a mad man. Domitian, the Roman Caesar, insisted upon being called "Dominus et Deus" — "Lord and God." He ordered everyone throughout the empire to join in worshiping him. By refusing to bow down to this monster, Christians were putting their very lives in danger.

God sent His people a message of encouragement at that time, the biblical book we call Revelation. There we find these words: "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever" (Revelation 11:15).

Many different men and women will step up to rule the nations of this world. Some will be good people. Some will be horrid monsters. There will be civil wars, revolutions, and regime changes. Countries will gain power, countries will lose power. Some nations may even cease to exist.

But one truth will remain unchanging: God reigns and will reign for ever and ever.

So don't let the upcoming balloting keep you awake at night. Align yourself with the party of the King. Leave the rest to him.

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