What Jesus Did! 'No Not One' — Mark 13:1-2

Saturday, September 14, 2024

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As Jesus was leaving the Temple that day, one of his disciples said, "Teacher, look at these magnificent buildings! Look at the impressive stones in the walls."

Jesus replied, "Yes, look at these great buildings. But they will be completely demolished. Not one stone will be left on top of another!"

— Mark 13:1-2 NLT

Key Thought

Many of us today cannot imagine the splendor, the majesty, and the size of the Temple in Jesus' day. Herod the Great, a ruthless man but a master builder, had seen to it that the Temple was rebuilt in Jerusalem. Coming from small villages or crowded cities with small houses, the Temple was a massive building to those who saw it and entered its gates. In addition, it was considered a holy place, protected by God himself. It symbolized all that the Jewish people held dear. Yet Jesus was clear in his prophecy to his closest followers. The Temple was going to be destroyed. Not only were these words considered treasonous by many, but they were also bewildering and confusing to those who heard Jesus say them. Who would destroy it? Rome was the great power, and they surely wouldn't destroy Jerusalem, would they? Why would God let it fall into the hands of an enemy and be destroyed? But, it did happen. The strength of God's people was never intended to be their wealth, their armies, or their buildings; it has always been intended to be the faithfulness of their God and their faithfulness to him. In a world of economic, religious, racial, and geopolitical tumult, we must invest our lives in eternal things — spiritual things that cannot be destroyed. Buildings can be destroyed.

Today's Prayer

O Father, help me not glory in the externals of my life, but in you, the Father and sustainer of all things. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

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Illustration of Mark 13:1-2 NLT — "Teacher, look at these magnificent buildings! Look at the impressive stones in the walls."

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