What Jesus Did! 'The Hard Truth about Hearing' — Mark 4:25

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"The person that has {something} will receive more. But the person that does not have {much} will lose even the little amount he has."
— Mark 4:25 NLT
Illustration of Mark 4:25 NLT — "The person that has {something} will receive more. But the person that does not have {much} will lose even the little amount he has."

Key Thought

Jesus wants us to know that as we apply ourselves to listening to him, he is still active in the communication. He will help us understand more! But, we must be open to his teaching. We must be willing to listen, hear, and apply his message to our lives. But if we are sloppy, disinterested, or hard-hearted toward the message of Jesus, what little we understand will be stripped away from us. There is an urgency to our hearing the Master. Two raindrops can land inches apart on either side of the Continental Divide in the U.S. and one will ultimately end up in the Pacific Ocean and the other in the Atlantic Ocean. Listeners to Jesus' message can also end up worlds apart based upon their desires to be open to his teaching. We have a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to listen to Jesus! Our commitment to do so greatly determines the ultimate destination of our lives.

Today's Prayer

O Father God, Lord of heaven and earth, help me hear. Even more, dear Father, create in me a hunger to hear the truth of Jesus. Open my heart to your Son's message. Strip from me the barriers that would keep me from being attentive. I want my life to be shaped by the words of your Son. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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