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SpiritFire: Alternative Voice but the only Truth

The Spirit said to me, "Son of man, these are the men who are planning evil and giving wicked counsel in this city. They say to the people, 'Is it not a good time to build houses? This city is like an iron pot. We are safe inside it like meat in a pot.' Therefore, son of man, prophesy against them loudly and clearly."

Key Thought

We are family with Op-Ed pieces in the editorials. We often need them to counter-balance the leaning of culture which tends to put its own slant on things. Ezekiel is given the job of being the Op-Ed spokesman for God. All the others claiming to speak for God are speaking a nice, light, easy, and affirming message. Ezekiel, however, is empowered and inspired and directed by God's Holy Spirit. He must speak God's truth. Let's ask the Spirit to convict us of the lies we are told in our culture and to empower us to speak God's truth, especially to God's people who are being sucked down the drain by the many voices who do not speak the will of God.

Today's Prayer

Father in heaven, give me courage to live and to speak your truth with kindness and conviction. Holy Spirit, I ask that you convict me of the lies that I have come to believe because I have heard them so frequently from those who do not know the will of the Father. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

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