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That's Good News! That's Good News!
Jim pulled me down close and in a desperate, worried voice he whispered, "Is God going to zap me? I'm not sure ... (read more)
The Boy Who Would Be King
This tiny baby, tucked away in Bethlehem, rocked the world from the moment he appeared. Angels filled heaven and ... (read more)
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God Becomes Flesh

Immanuel Announced
      Here He comes...

Preparing for the Messiah
      Here He comes...

Rebuilding the Wall
      Courage and hope grow.

Israel Returns
      The return, and then the rebuilding.

Testing Commitment
      Would Daniel and his friends remain faithful?

Kingdom Dreams
      Nothing could stop God's coming Kingdom.

Life From Death
      God is capable of the impossible.

Stubborness and Discipline
      Rebellion was still in their hearts.

Revival in the Land
      The Word of God is rediscovered.

The God of Second Chances
      Hezekiah gets more time.

Hezekiah Brings Back the Honor

In the Brilliant Light of God's Holiness

Power in Praise

Southern Kingdom Struggles
      They put their faith in human abilities...

Hope Remains
      For God's people there is always hope.

The Reluctant Messenger
      Jonah had to be convinced.

Unrelenting Love
      Even in the midst of rejection, God continues His love...

Idols of the Heart
      God's people continue to falter.

The Whispers of God
      God visits his prophet in a whisper.

God Shows Himself to be God
      God displays His power.

Solomon Rejects God's Wisdom
      God is replaced in the king's heart.

God Disciplines His King
      David learns a hard lesson.

God Demands Respect
      He's not to be trifled with.

Preparing the New King
      Make way for David.

Instilling God’s Dream in David’s Heart
      David gets closer to the heart of God, while Saul moves further away.

Establishing a New Kingdom
      Israel gets a king.

Restoring and Preserving the People
      Dark days for Israel.

God Calls Samuel
      "Speak, for your servant is listening."

Chosen by God

God Raises Up Leaders
      Who will lead?

Deciding Which God To Serve
      From Moses to Joshua...

Reaching the Promised Land
      The big event arrives.

The Discipline and Mercy of God
      God is the perfect Father.

Access to God
      The precious privilege...

Learning to Live God’s Way
      The people failed...

Accepting the Covenant of Love

Learning to Trust the I AM God
      We can put our faith in Him.

God Rescues and Renews

Called by God
      And Moses answered.

Trusting in God’s Presence
      God provides in surprising ways.

Testing Man’s Integrity
      Job passes the test.

Wrestling with God
      Thank goodness he doesn’t want to defeat us.

The Transforming Power
      Our God is in the transformation business.

Man’s Schemes, God’s Wisdom
      He still works his plan.

The Pain of Death
      Abraham and Sara pass on.

Tested by Crisis
      Abraham offers his obedience in faith.

Face to Face with God
      The created reasons with the Creator.

God Loves to Provide
      God takes care of Abraham and Sarah.

Becoming Abraham’s God
      Abraham receives a powerful promise.

Looking for a Friend
      The rebuilding process begins.

The Birth of Misunderstanding
      Man gets taken down a notch.

Starting Over with Promise
      God's promise stands forever.

The World Starts Over
      God regrets making Man, and decides to do something about it.

Experiencing the Pain of Death
      Adam and Eve face the ultimate death, separation from God.

Facing Consequences
      Out in the big wide world.

God Creates the Human Family
      It’s not good to be alone.

Creation Receives a Soul
      God spoke and made it so.


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