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I Wonder Why...

I Wonder Why...

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I wonder why Christians don't seem to react very much when they see images making fun of religious characters, or cartoons that show Jesus doing obscene things or Bibles being burned. There may be some statement of "outrage" and head shaking in disgust, but that’s about it.

The responses from Christians are tame as one watches the electronic media cover the aftermath of the publication of cartoons of Islam's prophet or the burning of the Koran. I, too, watch in confusion and horror as significant populations of countries protest, riot and even result in violence and death. And yet I can't help but admire a people who believe that their prophet and their scriptures are sacred, worthy of honor, and should not be defiled. They as a body of believers are willing to go to those extreme actions to demonstrate their devotion to the symbols of their faith.

As Christians we have Scripture that God has given us.

We have a Savior who has made it possible for us to be with God Almighty forever.

Should we not be more than verbally "outraged" when others burn, mock or destroy elements of faith that are precious to us who claim to follow Christ? In our antichristian world aren’t we expected to stand up and stand firm for what we believe in?

I wonder why we don't and I wonder why we cannot understand when those of other religious beliefs do?

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Bill Brant
Bill Brant is the President and CEO of Herald of Truth Ministries based in Abilene, Texas.

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